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Monday, October 4, 2010

Best of 2010... so far

I haven't posted in ages, really haven't cared to, apparently the cat got my tongue. Looking back at the past couple months I've been blessed to get out for intermittent lengths of time for periods of solitude, adventure, and reflection in the wilderness that surrounds me. The memories of past excursions are fleeting, altered slowly over time, however the one thing that never fails to immortalize and solidify an experience in me is a photograph. These are a few of my greatest hits of the past couple months, igniting that visceral response that is obtained not in reading about the outdoors or pondering the outdoors, but rather purely...getting outdoors.

White Horse Mtn.

White Horse Hill, Sacramento Mountains, NM, 10,000+ft.

White Horse Saddle

White Horse Saddle, Sacramento Mountains, NM, 9,000+ft.

Scorched Aspen

Scorched Aspen, Mogollon Range, Gila Wilderness, NM


Mayfly Dun, Gila Wilderness, NM

Windy Point

Windy Point near Big Dry Creek, Gila Wilderness, NM

Bloom #1

Bloom, South Whitewater Creek, Gila Wilderness, NM

Spanish Moss

Spanish Moss, near Redstone Park, Gila Wilderness, NM


Ponderosa, Upper Whitewater Creek, Gila Wilderness, NM

Bloom #2

Bloom #2, Gila Wilderness, NM

Marty in the zone

Marty Fording the Middle Fork, Gila Wildnerness, NM

Property of NMSDGF

Property of..., Near Woodland Park, Gila Wilderness, NM


Sunset, Gila Wilderness, NM

2-Wheel Drive

2-Wheel Drive, White Creek, Gila Wilderness, NM

White Creek

Cascades along White Creek, Gila Wilderness, NM

Yellow Blazing

Yellowblazing, Gila Ranger Station Road, Gila Wilderness, NM

Windblown Camera Misfire

50mph Windblown Misfire, Guadalupe Peak 8,751ft., TX

Needles Hike-Dawn

Organ Needles Dawn Approach Hike, Las Cruces, NM

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  1. Hey Eugene, Nice pictures and nice job last weekend up in Cuba. I hope you had as much fun as I did.